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RMH Travel Comparing Disneyland to Walt Disney World....Disneyland Attractions reviewed of each and Almost Every Attraction.

Ok, in 2017 I excitedly got back from Walt Disney World after not having gone for a few years. It was also the first time my mom ever got to go to Walt Disney World. Growing up in Southern California, we have all been to Disneyland a lot, I have had an annual pass for over 10 years, my first trip I was 4 months old, and my mom always made sure we went at least once a year, once I grew up I got an annual pass. It is what lead me to the path of becoming a Disney Travel Agent. I am known for my Disneyland Crowd Calendar, which you can find here, and my Disneyland Planning group on Facebook which you can find here. I also have a Walt Disney World one but it’s not a popular, that one can be found here.

Last year when I got back from my trip, I reviewed the four parks at Walt Disney World, and compared their rides to Disneyland’s.  But, I never did the opposite, and it got me thinking, I should list every ride at Disneyland and do the same. Yes, I started going to Disneyland in 1982 and have been on all their attractions 100s of times and I am sure my opinion has changed over the years, I of course always try to take into consideration my son’s thoughts (or children I take to the park in general) when offering my thoughts on attractions, places to eat, etc. As much as I tried to be partial and give a fair review…it’s impossible to be completely. If I say I personally didn’t like it, or any one in my family, but I comment that this attraction is still around then there must be enough of other people that like it. I am famous for saying, “One person’s yuck is another person’s yum.” When it comes to food I have a very strong preference but not so much with rides. I ramble and hate writing. 

Anyways…. if you want to check out my blog about California Adventures, click here.

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For this blog just like the other blogs, I am going to read the current park map and I will make a comment on the attraction after I post about it. If the attraction is also at Walt Disney World I will say which one I like better.

Main Street, U.S.A.®

Disneyland Railroad-Disneyland Railroad has 4 stops around their where Walt Disney World only has 3. Disneyland Railroad between Tomorrowland and Main Street takes you thru the Grand Canyon and back to the Dinosaur age. (A tunnel trying to hide the behind scene area) Disneyland for the win
View while on Disneyland Railroad at Main Street Stop
Main Street Vehicles-There is a horseless carriage, Fire Engine, Horse-Drawn Streetcars, and Omnibus. I have been on all these vehicles over the years, mostly to rest my feet as I get driven either up Main street (heading towards the Castle) or down Main street (heading towards the Exit). I like the Omnibus for the view, Fire Engine you can ring a bell, the Horse-Drawn Streetcar is boo only cause of the track that it follows down Main street has been the cause of many a twisted ankle for many people. I know Walt Disney World has several vehicles too, I don’t think I rode any at Magic Kingdom, but I would say they basically are the same. Tie

Disney Gallery – oh if I ever won the lottery I would be spending a good chunk of it here. This is an air condition large gallery of painting, there is even a staging area where you can watch Cast Member work on new canvas creating more beautiful paintings.

The Disneyland Story presenting Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln- Its educational, you can learn about Mr. Lincoln the president.  It’s a smaller version of the Hall of Presidents which is at Walt Disney World. Trying not to offend anyone by either raving or pooping this attraction, because I feel this topic can be heated I will leave off on personal comments one way or another. I will say that Walt Disney World’s is updated every year with new president so Walt Disney World for the win

Main Street Cinema – It shows 6 old black and white Mickey Cartoons, I believe they are the first 5 every made, but maybe not. There are no seats here, for the outside it looks like an old movie theater entrance, when you go in there is a stag in the middle and then the 6 screens you can see. There is music going on. Its kind of hard to explain. Children of course love to watch cartoons. I don’t know if Walt Disney World has something like this, if they do I didn’t notice
Carnation Café – Table service where most of the seating is outside, the food is ok, nothing super yummy that I must have, I find their breakfast to be cheap (relatively cheap for Disneyland). So, if I want to sit down for a while I will eat here.

Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor- Its expensive Dreyer’s ice cream scooped into cones, sundaes, etc.

Refreshment Corner-It’s ok hotdogs, chili and soda. The best thing about eating here, there is a piano in the sitting area, and often a CM is playing on it, and at around 2 pm usually the Mad Hatter shows up, with one or two other characters and they all have impromptu game of musical chairs.

Market House-Its Starbuck enough said!

Plaza Inn- in the morning it’s an all you care to eat Character Breakfast, “Minnie & Friends-
Breakfast in the Park”. It is one of my favorite character meals because it is the only character meal I feel that has the most diversity of characters. This has been a character breakfast for as long as I can remember. After breakfast the place turns into a quick service restaurant and serves up the best fried chicken in the park.

Jolly Holiday Bakery Café-I love their cupcakes from here, and the macaroons. They have lots of yummy desserts…their regular food offering of sandwiches, salads and specialty drinks are just ok. (though I compared eating here to eating at Be Our Guest quick service, and though the service is better at Be our Guest, the food which I found similar is way better in my opinion at Jolly Holiday)

Ironically not listed on the map though I know it is still there, just out side Plaza Inn is the Red Wagon, it’s a quick service place that services supposedly super famous delicious Corn Dogs with chips. The corn dogs are freshly made and fried and are big. That is about all I can say about them.

Also on Main Street you can meet many characters there.


Enchanted Tiki Room- animatronic birds sing, tiki poles talk and there are drums. My son as a baby LOVED this show. There is a thunder storm at the end. I remember the first time we went to Rain forest Café, we had been going to Disneyland for awhile and my son was used to Tiki room, and the table next to us at Rain forest asked if we have ever been there and we said no, and the kids at the table got excited cause they thought the thunder that is played every 20 minutes would scare my son and were disappointed when it didn’t happen. Anyways, I know Walt Disney World has this attraction too, the shows are similar, but Walt Disney World’s is shorter, and their pre-show is not as good as Disneyland’s. Disneyland wins

Jungle Cruise-Lame jokes and animatronic animals, the back side of water. There are different scenes at Disneyland’s Jungle Cruise than Walt Disney World’s. Walt Disney World’s is much longer…so for that reason I will give them the win. Walt Disney World wins.

Indiana Jones Adventure-you must be 46 inches to ride this jerk filled ride. It reminds me of the Dinosaur ride at Walt Disney World, except you are trying to escape a curse inside caves with snakes, bugs, natives attacking you and not Dinosaurs. Can’t really compare though I sort of did.

Tarzan’s Tree house - When I was younger it was Swiss Robinson Tree House, and more closely resembled the one at Walt Disney World. If you haven’t been on either. It’s a walking attraction where you climb stairs to visit the home of Tarzan at Disneyland and Swiss Robinson’s at Walt Disney World, then you walk down…that is basically it. My son claims there is more things to see and touch at Disneyland’s so Disneyland for the win

Tiki Juice Bar-it’s a fruit stand with fruit and fruit juices

Aladdin’s Oasis-This area has transformed SOOOOO many times over the years, sometimes it has been left empty, sometimes it’s a character meet and greet…. along long time ago it was where Disney Aloha Show was, then it became several other dinner shows. I believe it might be transforming again soon…soooo…don’t’ know what to say.  I know currently you can pick up pre-arrange quick service meals that also give you vouchers to see Fantasmic!

Bengal Barbecue-Barbecue kabobs and coffee drinks…Disneyland used to have amazingly good BBQ sit down place, but it closed when they started construction on Star Wars land. I have joked that I hope that Big Thunder BBQ will re-open with the same food under a new Star Wars theme, like Uncle Owen’s BBQ. But anyways, I am not that impress with this place and don’t eat there unless a friend wants to.

New Orleans Square

Pirates of the Caribbean-start out in the bayou and get dropped into a place full of PIRATES!  Though Disney is trying to ruin this ride by making it more PC. Over all I have always loved Disneyland’s more than Walt Disney World. My son will say its because we have a real drop. I say its because ours feel more like it follows a story than Walt Disney Worlds does. Either way…DISNEYLAND REALLY WINS

Outside Pirates you can be entertain with a Band of Pirates...

Haunted Mansion-999 Haunted Ghost. I have gone on the one at Walt Disney World, but it was a long long time ago, it didn’t impress me enough to remember what is different about it, the last two times I went to Walt Disney World this ride was closed. I know that Disneyland’s transfers into the Nightmare Before Christmas from mid-September thru first week in January. So, Disneyland for the win by default?

Royal Street Veranda-This has been our favorite place to eat since I was very young. It’s quick service and only services three types of bread bowls. Claim Chowder and then Vegetarian Gumbo and regular Gumbo, plus New Orleans style fritters. If we went to Disneyland when it was cold, we knew we were eating her. Since Disney California park has opened with a bigger sit-down bread bowl place, most people have gone on to say that their Clam Chowder bowl is better, perhaps it’s a loyalty thing to the past, but I still think theirs is better.

Blue Bayou Restaurant-Located inside Pirates, this is one of the most popular places to eat. I personally find it over price and you can get most of best dishes they service for a few $$ cheaper at Café Orleans. They are famous for the Monte Cristo (though they changed their receipt a few years ago, I used to agree with them but the original one was like a heart attack waiting to happen, deep fried yummy with thick batter.)
Inside Blue Bayou

 Café Orleans-sit down dining outdoor, most people get the Monte Cristo here along with beignet. Getting the beignet from here you get dipping sauces.

French Market Restaurant-Quick service place where you still eat off real plates. The offer Chicken, Jambalaya, meatloaf. Back in the day they offered bread bowls here, Royal Street would only be opened if the parks were crowded. You also used to be able to get the Famous Monte Cristo for way cheaper. But that has changed. This is one of the few places that has toddler meal on top of child’s meals. My son loved the toddler meal here, the child mac and cheese came with grapes and carrots, the toddler’s mac and cheese came with apple sauce which he liked better. We would eat here mostly because …

not listed but on the outside of French Market is a place called Mint Julep Bar it services the famous Mint Julep drink but also fresh Mickey shaped beignets. After grabbing lunch at French Market, we always had to grab dessert at Mint Julep Bar.

Critter Country


Splash Mountain-water log ride, with characters from Song of the South movie. I feel like this ride is a ride that is a big argument with those that have ridden it at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Some will claim Walt Disney world is better, but I must go with Disneyland and its not because I rode it first or a million times compare to the dozen or so times at Walt Disney World. Its because Disneyland I feel like reflects the movie more than Walt Disney Worlds. Disneyland for the win


The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh-This ride my mom and I debated over. I liked Walt Disney Worlds version better, thought it had a better story theme, and my mom of course is loyal to Disneyland. The only cool fact about Disneyland’s is this ride was originally the Country Bear Jamboree, and the moose heads still hang in this ride, you must look back in one of the rooms to see them on the ride. Tie

Davy Crockett’s Explorer Canoes-To be honest this ride of late has been closed more often than it is open, even when I have goen on the weekends its closed. I don’t recall if Walt Disney World has a version of it. But you really get to paddle (they give you paddles and young one’s lifejackets) in a canoe around the River of America

Harbour gallery- they also have soup in a bread bowl and lobster rolls. It’s a quick service with very limited seating. I will tell you I am not fond of seafood, so I don’t eat here.

Hungry Bear Restaurant-Burgers, chicken and salad. I don’t eat regular hamburgers, but I like turkey burgers, chicken sandwiches etc. And, if I am in the mood for a burger joint while at Disneyland this is the spot I like to eat. The seating area over looks the river and there are lots of birds in the water hoping for a fry.


Pirates Lair on Tom Sawyer Island-Last few times I have been to Walt Disney World this ride has been closed. At Disneyland over on the island there are many secret places to explore and things to do. You have to be short or young for some of it, as you go thru low ceiling caves. Can't decided

Fantasmic!-Walt Disney World has a dedicated theater with seating, Disneyland you have to sit on the floor or stand. The two shows are the same yet there are differences. And with that said this is another show, where if you look just at the show it is debated which coast has the better show. If you go with just the show, I have to give it to Disneyland. The projections looked better. Disneyland for the win

The Golden Horseshoe Stage-Its an old western looking salon with a stage and over the years Disney has put on many shows. For a long time, Billy and the Hillbillies was the main show but then about 3 years ago Disney released them and they moved over to Knotts. I think there is some kind of comedy show going on there now, or it switches. The Golden Horseshoe is a quick service inside the theater.

Frontierland Shootin’ Exposition-I’ll be honest and say I haven’t done this for a long time, there are riles that you put money in and then you get to shoot at targets in a western stage show and it gives you points for doing so…it cost extra and there are no prizes. It’s a game.

Mark Twain Riverboat-Old time riverboat going around Rivers of America. I am not sure if they still do it, but usually the first person up to the captain’s room can steer the boat for the trip and get a certificate that states they were the Captain of the river boat for the day.

Sailing Ship Columbia-Looks like a pirate ship that you can sail on, during Fantasmic! it’s Captain Hook’s ship.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad-a rollercoaster that you must be 40 inches to ride. Walt Disney World’s track is longer, but in my opinion purposely jerkier. So, I like Disneyland’s better. This is another big debatable of which coast has the better version debate. For me personally DISNEYLAND wins

My son on Big Thunder pretending to be scared

River Belle Terrace-This used to be a quick service place and has since turn into a sit down. I have not tried it since it has changed to a sit down, so I can’t comment really on if the food is better, and to be honest, my favorite places to eat are so close to this place that I usually always went there.

Stage Door Café-Corn Dogs, Chicken Nuggets, chili, fish and chips.  About 8 years ago, maybe a bit longer I was with my aunt and cousins, and we went here and those that order the corn dog all got food poisoning. (or they were the only ones to get a stomach bug right after were everyone that had the chicken nuggets or fish n chips were fine). Anyways, I avoid this place just because.

The Golden Horseshoe-Stage Door Café is located outside the Golden Horseshoe and this place is inside, though I suspect they share the same kitchen, this place doesn’t serve the corn dogs, just chicken nuggets, chili and fish n chips, they also have soft service ice cream here. They used to have several secret dessert menu options, but I have been told as of this year they stopped serving them. Anyways, if my child wanted chicken nuggets and we were in this area, because of what happen at the above place, we will go in the Stage Door to eat here.

Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante-The menu here has changed over the years, some years this place had great Mexican food, and then some years they would switch to mediocre food, and then back again. The last time I went the food was better than mediocre but not amazing. I now prefer the Mexican fast food place at the Pier inside Disney California Adventure Park better. But, comparing this place to Pecos Bill at Walt Disney World which claims Mexican food, even when Rancho food was mediocre it tasted 10 times better than Pecos at Walt Disney World. I am sorry I have tried that place 3 times out of many times I have gone to Walt Disney World and every time it has disappointed.Yet at Walt Disney World that place is always packed so some people must find that place yummy but it is on my permitted YUCK list. lol

Ship to Shore Marketplace-where most people go to get Disneyland’s famous and, in my opinion, over rated Turkey legs.


Fantasy Faire - There are two parts to this area, The Royal Theatre which puts on small princess theme plays, and of course the Royal Hall where you can wait in two different lines to meet up to 4 different princesses. This area is on the newer side, and I have only been in it twice when I have been with my nieces. My son has always been anti-princess and really not that fond of meeting characters over all.

Pinocchio’s Daring Journey - Fantasyland has been called the land with the dark rides, and many people assume it’s because these slow-moving rides with no height limits are inside buildings and there isn’t much light. But, the truth is there is something about these rides that scare little children. This ride, a whale will suddenly pop out at you and scare little ones. So be warn.

Snow White’s Scary Adventures-If you read above about dark rides, most will say this ride even has it in its name. But of all the dark rides at Disneyland this one seemed to have scared the least number of young ones I have taken on these rides. I am not saying, that none of the children I have taken on this ride weren’t scared in the forest room but most I could comfort and warn, and they would be fine.

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique-Honestly never been. My only cousin who has girls that I have gone to Disneyland with is a hair stylist and thinks the prices here are crazy for hair style that she said she could do better. I can’t tell you if this BBB is better or worst or different that Walt Disney Worlds.

Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough-You can walk thru our Castle, since it is smaller than Walt Disney World’s Cinderella. But this walk thru there are lots and lots of stairs. You can see scenes from Sleeping Beauty as you walk thru the castle.

King Arthur Carrousel- It’s a carrousel…though the carrousel at Griffith park, is what inspire Walt Disney to create Disneyland, and the horse on Disneyland carrousel are the original ones, which means Walt may have sat on the horse you are riding. Disneyland cause Walt actually rode it?

Casey Jr. Circus Train-So many of the many children I have been with have chosen this ride when they were young as their favorite ride beyond anything. Almost every one of them wants to sit in the cages cart.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant-Walt Disney World has a play area and FastPass option, Disneyland for the longest time, the que was in the hot sun, and the line was always long. Disneyland is trying to make their que nicer. But, because of Walt Disney World’s que…Walt Disney World for the win


Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride-This ride is considered a dark ride too, please read Pinocchio ride description for what dark ride means. But, young ones like this ride because there is a steering wheel attached to your car and they can pretend to drive. And to be honest the darkness of this ride often goes over the child’s head, only a few have caught on that they are hit by a train and the next room is supposed to be them going to hell.
The car you ride in Toad

Peter Pan’s Flight-This ride always has a LONG LONG wait at Disneyland and no FastPass option. This ride is considered dark, but I am not sure there is a scary scene that specifically could be the reason for the label, but perhaps it’s the flying because honestly of all the dark rides this one is the one that most of the kids I have been with have been scared of, but usually only when they are around 1 years old. Anyway, both at Disneyland and Walt Disney World I personally find this ride way over rated, with that said, I think the new CGI technology Disneyland just installed (having had the ride down for almost a year) makes Disneyland for the win

Mad Tea Party-Spinning tea cups. Disneyland does not have a cover, so on hot days you are in the sun and of course if it rains…you get rained on. Since, Walt Disney World covers theirs, Walt Disney World Wins

Alice in Wonderland-consider a dark ride but NO child I have even been with has been scared of this ride. The biggest problem with this ride is its lines are the second or third longest (Peter Pan always being first and Dumbo and this one fight for second), and the que lines are small and tight. This ride also seems to have lots of problems, though it usually starts back up again quickly. I really thought Walt Disney World should have built an Alice ride when they re-did and expanded Fantasyland a few years ago but they didn’t

Pixie Hollow-Place to meet Tinker Bell

Matterhorn Bobsleds-You must be 42 inches to ride this ride. The car you ride in remind me of the cars for Walt Disney World’s Space Mountain. Everyone is seated alone and its 3 people per car. There are two tracks to this ride Both sides are different, just like Walt Disney World’s Space Mountain.  Both sides are jerkier, just like Walt Disney World Space Mountain, but unlike Walt Disney World Space Mountain this ride goes in and out of a mountain and ends with a splash.

Storybook Land Canal Boats-Step on to a boat and when you enter the whales mouth you have been taken to a new fantasyland where you see miniature sets of many of your beloved Disney Movies. You see the Pigs’ home in Three little Pigs, English Village from Alice in Wonderland, London Park from Peter Pan, The Sultan Palace from Aladdin and several other miniature sets.

‘it’s small world’-Disneyland version is the original State Fairs version with some add on about 5 years a go now, where Disneyland decided to add movie character dolls to their lands. It has become a game to some to try and discover all the dolls that are related to Disney movies. The boats to sit on are much nicer at Disneyland and the clock tower outside the ride makes Disneyland for the win hands down. Also, note during winter time Disneyland ‘it’s small world’ becomes ‘it’s small world’ Holiday

Maurice’s Treats-from what I have been told, it’s no Gaston’s Tavern, I honestly haven’t tried anything from here. They have Boysen Apple Freeze that people seem to like.

Red Rose Tavern- this is said to be limited but has been there for over a year now, it used to be Pinocchio Village Haus, and was similar to Walt Disney World’s Pinocchio, now it seems to try to be like Be our Guest at Walt Disney World, as it also has the gray stuff, but I like Walt Disney World’s gray stuff better.

Troubadour Tavern-Bratwurst, pretzel bites, cinnamon apple, ice cream. A quick service place to eat. Food is nothing to rave about but if I was in the mood for a hot dog I would stop here. To me this is a place I wouldn’t go out of my way for, but I also wouldn’t avoid.
Edelweiss Snacks-another place to get the oh so famous Turkey leg


Mickey’s Toontown

Goofy’s Playhouse-It’s a play area with small slide, tunnels, etc. When my son was under 6 he could spend hours here running around and getting energy out. If you want a place for your little ones to run around, this is it. The play area only has one small exit that you can stay near and let them run around and rest your own legs and there are lots of benches.
Goofy's Playhouse

Goofy's Playhouse

Donald’s Boat-you can walk thru this boat, and up the stairs there are things you can do to interact with. You walk thru it.
Donald's Boat

Gadget’s Go Coaster-you must be 35 inches to ride this ride. It’s a super smooth super fun nice first thrill ride for your little ones tall enough to go on it. Have never scene a child scared on this ride as their first roller coaster. The line can be long as the ride can only hold 24 people or so. It is sort of like The Barnstormer at Walt Disney World.

Chip N Dale Tree House-I seriously don’t know why they even official call this an attraction and note it on the map when I know they have left things off the map. There is a tree that is hallowed out at the bottom you walk in, you see what looks like a house and you walk out…that is it.

Mickey’s House-Walt thru Mickey’s House which can be slow, because you are actually in a line, 
with lots of interactions, at the end you meet Mickey Mouse. If Disneyland ever gets a Talking Mickey this is where I think they should put him.

Minnie’s House-Just like Mickey’s House you walk thru it and there are things to do, unlike Mickey’s House you are not guaranteed to meet Minnie at the end but more often than not I have scene her at the exit of her house.

Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin-This ride has a FastPass but using the FastPass you by pass a fun que, with surprise. The car ride you can spin turning the steering wheel, sometimes they force you to look one way or another, but you go thru scene from the movie.

Toontown Dining-Lots of mediocre quick service food places to eat. Nothing thrilling.


Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage- This ride is beloved by those that like the movie, note you really go into a submarine which means you must walk down tight stairs and you feel like you are under water, so if you are claustrophobia or don’t like tight confine spaces you might want to skip this ride. I have a chip on my shoulder about this ride. I loved the original ride which was just the yellow submarine so much that I was not that thrill with the Finding Nemo overlay in the cave area.

Disneyland Monorail-it runs between Tomorrowland and the end of Downtown Disney just outside the Disneyland Hotel and back. Those are its only stops, of course while it is traveling it goes thru a bit of California Adventure Park, California Hotel, and shows you lots of Tomorrowland.

Autopia-If you are over 54 inches you can drive your own car on a track this ride is like Tomorrowland Speedway. Being tall its hard for my legs to fit under the wheel and reach the petals so I am not fond of this ride. Walt Disney World’s track is longer which is why I will say Walt Disney World wins

Star Wars Launch Bay-play video games theme around Star Wars it’s just like Walt Disney World’s Launch Bay in Hollywood Studios though the layout is very different. You can meet different Star Wars Characters, if you are a Disney Visa Cardmember you get a special meet in here.  Since I don’t care much for the Star War series…lol I can’t tell you which Launch Bay is better.

Space Mountain-you must be 40 inches to ride this ride and I have to say Disneyland wins hands down because it is not as jerky. Disneyland’s also has 2 other overlays, a special Hyperspace version (a Star Wars overlay) which they bring out near May 4, and then in the fall months it becomes Ghost Galaxy, where a Red Mummy looking creature follows you thru space. Disneyland for the win

Star Tours-The Adventures Continues-you must be 40 inches for this ride too. The ride is exactly the same at Walt Disney World as it is at Disneyland…. the only difference is the ques. supposedly Walt Disney World has the better que. Walt Disney World for the win

Astro Orbitor-A long long time ago, Disneyland’s Astro Orbitors was in the same location as Walt Disney World, but it has now been taken from the roof of the Tomorrowland Terrace, and place on the ground right at the entrance of Tomorrowland.  For that reason, Walt Disney World wins

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters-Your mission is to destroy Zurg with laser guns. At Disneyland you can hold the gun like a real gun, there are also secrete ways to get a crazy amount of points. With that said I say. Disneyland for the win

Walt Disney World
Galactic Grill-This place used to have the best breakfast burrito, but I was told this year they stop making it. I haven’t check…. I hope not.

The Spirit of Refreshment-it’s a place to get fruit and drinks

Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port-they just changed the pizza recipe in honor of Pixar Fest, but I will be honest and thought before the pizza here was blah. Haven’t tried the new recipe.

Well that is the end of the park map and the list of rides and attractions listed on the Disneyland Map, there were several things missing on the Map in my opinion. I noted them, but the biggest thing I noticed that was missing that I want to note is Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple though it is not noted on the map, they do offer it at Disneyland as well. The stage area is located at the Galactic Grill. The sign up location is directly across the entrance of Autopia against the Launch Bay building. The show looks the same as Walt Disney Worlds so tie on that note. 

Here is the map I used while writing this blog

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