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RMH Travel Comparing Disneyland to Walt Disney World....Magic Kingdom Attractions reviewed of each and Almost Every Attraction.

Hi Blogging World for those that follow my Facebook or visit my website often know that I am a Disneyland fanatic with a great Disneyland Crowd Calendar on her web site and we go to Disneyland a lot (for over 35 years for me). I have gone to Walt Disney World a few times, but it been a while until just recently. We just got back form 9 day trip to Walt Disney World and can't wait to give a great review of the rides/attractions and shows we did.

Let me start of by saying I hate HATE writing, and I do not think I do it well. But I do love Disney and I love helping families plan magical vacations to Disney, and well also to cruise and All Inclusive. But my first passions the reason I became a travel planner  and learned more about other destinations and experienced them was because of my love for helping others plan their trips to Disney.

Here is quick link to the other 3 parks

Disney Hollywood Studio
Disney Animal Kingdom

For this blog I am going to list the attractions then comment on my thoughts, my son's (9 year old thrill seeker who hates big drops only), and my mother who is 59 years old with a medical condition of a bad heart, so was in an electric wheel chair. These are our thoughts, and may be different from yours. A saying I love to say and I hope you get the meaning. "One person yuck is another person's yum so don't yuck their yum." I usually say this in regards to food options, I mean unless the restaurant has all HORRIBLE reviews, I tend to find that not everyone has the same taste, but this can apply to everything in life including rides, attractions and shows. So unless there are a ton of bad reviews, take a review with a grain of salt. Most review sites, those that actually go there and post are doing it because they were motivated to do it, and that motivation usually comes from disappointment and anger, sometimes because you were just WOW and even sometimes because they were paid to make the place looked WOW. Rarely, do people go to review sites to say, it was OK unless they were asked to give an unbiased opinion and at that moment, had a moment to spare and thought OK.

Haha I don't know why I thought to post that about review sites, before I start my own reviews. But I guess it is because that is something I get a lot from clients. I have clients that love to research or are part of Disney groups, and they read where someone who was upset, writes a horrible review about some place that the client was excited to try and now the client is having second thoughts. Or they come back and tell me they were looking at reviews and the place they want to stay or eat at has really mix reviews, what if they are one of those that don't like it. And for all honestly, you could be one of those people, but I try to really get to know my clients and their personalities and help them choose things that will work best for their families. And, I am not saying that Disney is perfect. I had some issues on my vacation that cause me to become angry and I am going to honestly tell you about them, but those issues were with people, not the attraction itself per say or the restaurant or food preparation. OK on to the review...

Main Street, U.S.A.®

Walt Disney World® Railroad- It was closed when we went, and I am honestly disappointed about this one, which may seem odd to some but I love Disneyland Railroad which is also currently close and has been closed for awhile in preparation for Star Wars Land. But its been so long since I have been on Walt Disney World Railroad that I forgot whether it has a secret fun scenery like Disneyland Railroad does between Fantasy land and Tomorrow land stop.

City Hall- Yes, I visited City Hall because that is where you start to get DAS pass. I actually had two issues here. One the Cast Member gave me wrong information about the DAS pass they said anyone of us can with our MagicBands get return times for my son, so he doesn't see the ride get excited and then disappointed. (lucky my son knows the drill) but really hates crowds and it usually is very crowded near the Cast Members you have to talk to to get return times. So, I eventually had his band with me at all times. The other issue was with a customer that ran in front of me and pushed me so that she got inside the building before me...but again that is just rude people not Disney fault.

The Crystal Palace, a buffet with Characters - The hostess that check us in was very short and just was like you are check in go away. Though she gave pagers to some and not us, and didn't even tell us there was a nice shaded area to go sit or some water to refresh ourselves while we wait or even an estimated time to return. We were shown to our table, our reservation was for 10:30 am, I missed getting a photo with Piglet cause he came when I was away from the table and my mom is bad about taking photos, my son did see him. The food was OK typical buffet stuff they had nothing spectacular, scramble eggs, bacon, different types of potatoes, omelet bar, waffles (though I wish they would have fruit topping for the waffles). Our waitress was kind and asked us if we saw everyone and I said we had missed Eeyore and forgot to get a photo with Piglet so, she took us to do a private mini shoot with character. She was extreme grateful that I tipped her, and I kind of felt sad about that.

Emporium- We walk thru this store several times but never bought anything or saw anything were we were like we wanted now.

We didn't try anything else on Main Street, but if you want a huge sundae I know the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor looked like it had very yummy creations in Mickey Kitchen Sinks. The Harmony Barber Shop is cute place to visit if you want your child's first hair cut to be done at Disney. Also, at least three or four times, I swear it almost seemed like every time we were walking thru Main Street they wer having a Move It! Sake It! Dance & Play Street Party where you could dance with a bunch of characters. I should have taken a photo of it all it was so much fun but I was in the moment and when I am there I often forget to take photos.


Swiss Family Treehouse- At Disneyland we had this attraction but changed it to Tarzan's Treehouse. My son thinks Tarzan one is better because there are things you can do as you walk thru the attraction, such as beat on drums and pull on ropes to hear sounds, he said you just walk and look at things at Swiss family Treehouse. My mother and I waited outside of this attraction as the Tarzan Treehouse is one of the few things I let my son do alone. Disneyland for the win

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin- Its Dumbo with people seating behind you and they can be disappointed. We actually didn't go on this one but just looked at it.

Jungle Cruise-Both at Disneyland and Walt Disney World, are the same yet different, Walt Disney World's is much longer with more lame jokes and puns. I would say if you love the silly puns and a ride where you can sit than this ride is for you. close but Walt Disney World is better

Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room-When my son was young he loved this attraction at Disneyland, he loved the drummers and the Tiki polo chanters. The window scenery is much nicer at Walt Disney World but overall I like the set up of Disneyland's. Also, I remember for a while Walt Disney changed the songs, and I saw that show, and didn't care for it as much so when they switched it back I wasn't that unhappy, but they cut the songs shorter. Disneyland had already done it form my childhood, but Walt Disney Enchanted Tiki Room show is even shorter with the same songs. The tiki drummers are harder to see at Walt Disney World. Over all I would say Disneyland for the win

Pirates of the Caribbean-I have to say that Walt Disney World has much better ques that Disneyland, hands down but then they seem to fall short on the attractions. This is one where we found it to be very very true. Disneyland's Pirates is just better. Besides the drops which my son kept going on and on about how lame Walt Disney World drop was, the set up of the scenery is better at Disneyland. Disneyland for the win

Aloha Isle-Disneyland's always has a long long line for our very small Aloha Isle shop. Overall its the same food. Just odd to be able to walk up and quickly order one. tie

The Pirate League- We did not do Walt Disney Worlds, we did Disneyland's when they briefly had it. I wish we did but my son, said he didn't want to. :( I would say do it if you can

We didn't do Pirate's Adventure-Treasure of Seven Seas, we did see a cute Pirate show with Jack in it. In Adventureland it seems the only other things we missed was Jungle Navigate co. Ltd Skipper Canteen. But, there are so many food places we really couldn't hit them all. I haven't really heard much about that place one way or another yet.


Disneyland Splash
Walt Disney World Splash

Splash Mountain- Oh this one is so hard to say whose is better. I like being able to see different scenes from the movie. I am probably one of the few people in America that owns the movie this ride was based on and still enjoys watching it. My son loved that Walt Disney World had lap bars (he is very obsessed with safety.) But perhaps I am just very partial to Disneyland, I have to say that Disneyland is better, and my mom agrees, my son honestly doesn't like either. The drop in the dark is better execute at Disneyland's.  Disneyland for the win.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad-This has been one of my son's favorite rides at Disneyland since the day he hit 40 inches at 2 years and 11 months old. (yes we are a tall family). Anyways, he loved the new animals to see at Walt Disney World and said he likes Walt Disney World better. He said Billy brother Buddy wasn't bad. (he names the goats on both rides apparently) Well I named them first one on Disneyland Big Thunder, I said it was Billy's fault for the big drop because at Disneyland there is a Goat holding dynamite as we do the big drop. Anyways, I have to disagree with my son, Walt Disney World seems to purposely make their rides more jerky, when you are going over the water part you can see the track is wibbly wobbly making it jerky.  Disneyland is smooth drop, dips and curves. And for that reason alone I love Disneyland's.  So I guess that makes it a Tie since its 1 to 1. Though my mom hated Walt Disney World more than I did but she really sensitive to jerky rides and since that is why I didn't care for it either I will say final count it's a ...TIE

Tom Sawyer Island-It was closed?

Country Bear Jamboree- My grandfather always was singing these songs, he was such a fun country boy who just happen to love his wife so much that he left his country boy ways to live in the city with his wife. But he never gave up his country roots, and loved to sing the songs sang in this show. Some of my happiest memories as a child at Disneyland was going to this show with him. Anytime the question is posed on any Disneyland Group that I am part of where they asked which attraction you wish they would bring back, I always say this one. I so wish it was still at Disneyland and I hope that Walt Disney World NEVER gets rid of this attraction. Walt Disney World for the win.

Golden Oak Outpost- My son wanted nuggets, we wanted something else. Only thing I can say for a place that basically only services one thing, they were very under prepared, having that big of a back up of people waiting for their orders to be ready and we came at an off time.

Pecos bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe- As a native so cal girl, I have to say the food was just not right. I found it so odd that guacamole was at the salsa bar area and unlimited, though I guess I can see why as it wasn't that good. At least my mom and I both thought that though it was label as Mexican food,  that it in fact was NOT Mexican food. There are two Mexican places at Disneyland Resort. One in Disneyland and one in California Adventure...both of those places are 10 times better than this place. I couldn't even finish my food I was so disappointed. I couldn't say that it was under cooked or what ever and it had LOTS of people there that seemed to enjoy the food, so apparently there are some people that find this food YUMMY but if you have ever had real Mexican food I can't see anyone liking this place and I put this on my YUCK list.

Only two snack places listed on the map that we didn't hit in this land. :D

 Liberty Square 

The Hall of Presidents- was closed and to be honest if it hadn't been I probably would have skipped it.

Haunted Mansion- We tried to get on this ride twice and both times it since its not a favorite of ours at Disneyland's (though I know we are the minority on that, but its the truth) we didn't try to go on it again at Walt Disney World...and to be honest we only schedule to go on it at Walt Disney World to say we tried to go on every attraction. Though I have heard that Disneyland's is way better. I can't officially comment on that. Rumor has it Disneyland wins

There seems to be a lot of food places here, we didn't eat at any of them, there was also a Christmas shop that we walked thru that isn't listed on the least the one in front of me that I am reading as I write this.  I have heard really good things about Liberty Tree Tavern and wished we had tried this place instead of Pecos Bills.  Sleepy Hollow looked good but the funnel cake with fruit and ice cream wasn't a snack credit but at Hollywood Studios it was...that was something interesting I noticed. There was a cute little muppet show going on in the street. That is something that Disneyland also really lacks. There was so many little shows going on around the park at Walt Disney World, Disneyland used to be like that and I missed it. :(


Prince Charming Regal Carousel- Its a carousel...sorry can't say much else. Tied

Mickey's PhilharMagic- I remember the first time seeing this and thinking it was really good, of course now that I am older I guess the jokes weren't as funny, but my son laughed so it was worth it. I also love singing Disney songs so I would still like to see this show. I wish they would bring something like this show to Disneyland, maybe at our Tomorrowland 4D theater.

Peter Pan's Flight-To be honest I never got the draw of this ride at either park. I didn't notice too much of a difference to comment one way or another. My son said they both are boring but my mom said that she like Disneyland's better. It has more detailed scenery. So I guess Disneyland for the win.

'Its a Small World" Walt Disney World small world has small boats with no leg room and you really have to bend over to sit in small boats. There were gaps where there was no dolls, or anything in this ride. I really really think this ride needs MAJOR re doing at Walt Disney World. My son hates this ride at Disneyland now (when he was a baby he loved it of course) and he said he would ride Disneyland's over and over again if he never had to go on Walt Disney again...Disneyland for the win. 

Under the Sea~Journey of the Little Mermaid-Walt Disney World really goes all out on their ques...and I guess if we went when we would have to wait in them, it would make this ride for the win, but other than the que...the rides were exactly the same...except Disneyland's ride has a hidden surprised character in it that I looked for at Walt Disney World and couldn't find. But since I am always team Disneyland...I at first was going to put this down as a tie since the hidden character is missing and other than that the same ride...I will still give it to Walt Disney World only because of the que. Walt Disney World for the win. 

Casey Jr. Splash 'N' Soak Station - Fun place to cool down at, an odd thing to me, at Disneyland there were constantly Cast Members telling us that shoes and shirts were required even while playing in the water play areas, which is why I always tell my clients if its warm, that they should bring a change of clothes and even some sandals/water shoes for their children, because of the policy and I know kids love to play in these splash zones. I know its because of the law that the Cast Members are enforcing...I thought it was a federal law maybe its only state? I should look that up.

The Barstomer- My son's favorite ride, well one of them is Goofy's Sky School at California Adventure and I think he went into this ride thinking at first that it was like Goofy's Sky School and its not, it is more like Disneyland's Gadget's coaster in toontown. Its a fun little coaster for little thrill seekers. But since it doesn't have the same name as Gadget coaster I am not going to grade it, though I would say it is a tied to that one.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant- My son saw the interactive waiting que area for this ride and wanted to go visit it so badly. He has always like the play areas at Disneyland parks both Goofy's play area in toon town and the play area in the Redwood Creek area at California Adventure. So we went  on this ride for that reason only. I think a bit of his youth died. He said I am too big for this place. :( I'd say its good for 2 to 5 year old.  With that said because of the que area only, again Walt Disney for the Win.

 Mad Tea Party- Walt Disney World wins for the cover over theirs. And maybe it was all in my head, but to us Walt Disney World tea cups just felt a bit faster. Walt Disney World for the win. 

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh- This is one time I am going to disagree with my mom who seem to not think any ride that both Walt Disney World and Disneyland had, that Walt Disney World had a better version, some she thought were the same but never better.I think that Walt Disney Worlds followed the story outline better than Disneyland's and of course had a better que. My son comments on baby's rides were they are baby rides though he liked the que of Walt Disney World. Walt Disney World for the win

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train-My mom found it jerky. My son liked it, thought it was a good mini size Big Thunder with the best parts of Snow White on the ride...any parts with the I liked it and thought it was cute. I can see if you are sensitive to jerky rides like my mom why she wouldn't like it. My knees were a bit squished but...I liked it.

Be Our Guest Restaurant-We had lunch here. My mom and I had carved turkey sandwiches and my son had Croque Monsieur (grilled ham and cheese sandwich). We then shared the strawberry cream cheese cupcake, lemon meringue cupcake and the Master's Cupcake with gray stuff on it. The sandwiches were mediocre to say the lease, nothing to rave about. And the cupcakes were small and we had strawberry cream cupcakes at several places and this one was not thrilling at all. The best strawberry desert we had was the strawberry short cake at Illumantion Dessert party. Of the three cupcakes we sampled we only would re-order the Master's cupcake. But to be completely honest, if we were NOT on the dining plan, I wouldn't eat here for lunch again. $70.81 before taxes for small serving sizes, and mediocre food is hard to swallow even at Disney. Disneyland Jolly Holiday has sandwiches and pastries too and let me say their cupcakes cost the same but are way BIGGER and tastier.  Don't know if the photos will do. Be Our Guest Cupcakes on the left and Disneyland Jolly Holiday on the right. Both had strawberry cream filling. Disneyland's won hands down for us. We actually split Disneyland cupcakes, the photo below was for 4 people at Disneyland. At be Our Guest they are more regular serving size. Again, one person yuck is another yum so you may disagree.

Disneyland 60th Anniversary Cupcake

My son wouldn't wait to see Characters so we skipped Enchanted Tales with Belle, Pete's Silly Sideshow, Fairytale garden, Princess Fairytale Hall, and of course because I didn't have a little girl Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. We also didn't eat anywhere else in Fantasyland though I heard good things about Pinocchio Village Haus, though I am not impressed with Disneyland Pinocchio village Haus so I don't know. I read that Gaston's Tavern is a great place to spend your snack credits with large yummy cinnamon rolls, and LeFou's brew.


I have to tell you that Walt Disney World's Tomorrowland reminds me the most of my childhood and how Disneyland Tomorrowland used to be and how I still wish was. Because of this, it was probably my favorite land of all of Magic Kingdom.

Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor-This is a cute show that I can see if you are in the right mood will be super funny or corny. The best thing I could say about this show is, it at least changes every time you see it. But that can also add to whether its a good show or not.

Sititch's Great Escape-It was closed and I was curious about this ride because of such mix reviews I read about it, and I have never tried it.

Tomorrowland Speedway-Disneyland its call autopia, and both parks cars are set for someone who is 48 inches tall to drive...being 6'2 and all legs, makes driving these vehicles hard, but I see the excitement from a child's point of view. My son loved this ride when he first was tall enough to "drive" but the novelty has worn off now.  I feel like Walt Disney Worlds was longer so I give the win to Walt Disney World.

Space Mountain Disneyland
Space Mountain-I think this ride is so different in Disneyland from Walt Disney World's, I wouldn't even call them apple to apple. For those that have gone to Disneyland, I would say that Walt Disney Worlds Space Mountain is the Matterhorn track inside Space Mountain, with even the same seat set up as Matterhorn. Whereas Disneyland's is faster, funner and I don't know what I can say to a person that has only gone to Walt Disney World what our space mountain is like....its smooth. Disneyland also has three overlays of stories that go with theirs, the original, Ghost Galaxy and now Hyper Space. Hands down I really really do have to give the reward to Disneyland for which is better.

Astro Orbiter-Disneyland's used to be in the same place and I would say tied but since they took Disneyland's off the elevator and put them on the ground, it makes our Astro Orbiters not much more exciting than Dumbo. So Walt Disney World wins. My son even loved them on the roof and rode Walt Disney World's 6 times! Walt Disney World for Win. 

Walt Disney World Astro Orbiter

Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover- I don't know if its just because it reminds me so much of my youth and what I miss about Disneyland, but I really liked this ride, and the memories it brought back. Its really just a slow moving, rest your feet type of ride but for me its childhood memories lost.

Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress-They updated Walt's vision of what 2000 would be like and part of me wishes they would have left it as it was, with what he thought it would be. That is one of the fun things about watching Back to the Future 2, you can see what people thought their future would be like. Instead they changed to to reflect what 2000 really was,  which made me a bit sad. But, still the first parts reminded me of my child hood and seeing it at Disneyland.

Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin- Firing laser at Zurg, though Walt Disney World's you seem to go thru more rooms, the targets don't seem to be as interactive, and you can't move the gun around. This one I have to give to Disneyland as you can pick the gun up and really fire. Disneyland win

My son's first time on Buzz Disneyland

Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe-Burger and fries joint with a funny animatronic space guy that entertains you while you eat. I liked that they give you a variety of toppings to put on your burger and you you get to choose what goes on there.

There was a Dance Party with the incredible in the evening with a live DJ and you can request songs and dance with Incredible. I really wish Disneyland would have something like this. It was fun and even when we weren't at the Dance party itself, hearing the music and entertainment thru out tomorrow land was super fun. 

Well that is the end of the park map and the list of rides and attractions listed on the Magic Kingdom Map. Here is the map I was looking at as I was writing.

Image result for Magic Kingdom Map

And just for the fun of is Disneyland's current map. I am really surprised that Walt Disney World doesn't have an Alice in Wonderland ride, I think that is a ride they should add to their park. But knowing me, I'd like Disneyland's better and think they didn't do a good job of it. Don't get me wrong I really really love Walt Disney World, and my mom and son are already bugging me, asking if I think I will get enough clients this year to make Walt Disney World an annual trip for our family. Considering the last time I went my son doesn't even remember, I am hoping I can. What rides do you think Disneyland should have that Magic Kingdom has? Or what ride do you wish Magic Kingdom has that Disneyland has? Comment below!!!

 At this time, I will like to offer my services as a travel agent to book your magical vacation. I would like to inform you that when you book with RMH Travel it doesn't cost one cent more than booking direct with Disney, in fact your statement will look the same because you are booking with Disney, but you are allowing RMH Travel to book it on your behalf and in return Disney will give me a small commission that goes toward supporting my family. But if you book direct, Disney just pockets that money, so please when you book your vacations, please consider booking it with me.

I promised to make your vacation even more magical and to take your Disney vacation to a whole new level. As your travel planner, I am here to help you every step of the way with as much or as little help as you wish for.  Whether this is your first time going to a Walt Disney Park or your 100th time, I am here to help make your vacation a magical one.
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