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RMH Travel Comparing Disneyland to Walt Disney World....Epcot Attractions reviewed of each and Almost Every Attraction.

Hi Blogging World for those that follow my Facebook or visit my website often know that I am a Disneyland fanatic with a great Disneyland Crowd Calendar on her web site and we go to Disneyland a lot (for over 35 years for me). I have gone to Walt Disney World a few times, but it been a while until just recently. We just got back form 9-day trip to Walt Disney World and can't wait to give a great review of the rides/attractions and shows we did.

Let me start of by saying I hate HATE writing, and I do not think I do it well. But I do love Disney and I love helping families plan magical vacations to Disney, and well also to cruise and All Inclusive. But my first passions the reason I became a travel planner and learned more about other destinations and experienced them was because of my love for helping others plan their trips to Disney.  With that said here are the post to the other three parks at Walt Disney World that I posted about.

Here is quick link to the other 3 parks

For this blog I am going to list the attractions then comment on my thoughts, my son's (9 year old thrill seeker who hates big drops only), and my mother who is 59 years old with a medical condition of a bad heart, so was in an electric wheel chair. These are our thoughts, and may be different from yours. A saying I love to say and I hope you get the meaning. "One person yuck is another person's yum so don't yuck their yum." I usually say this in regards to food options, I mean unless the restaurant has all HORRIBLE reviews, I tend to find that not everyone has the same taste, but this can apply to everything in life including rides, attractions and shows. So unless there are a ton of bad reviews, take a review with a grain of salt. Most review sites, those that actually go there and post are doing it because they were motivated to do it, and that motivation usually comes from disappointment and anger, sometimes because you were just WOW and even sometimes because they were paid to make the place looked WOW. Rarely, do people go to review sites to say, it was OK unless they were asked to give an unbiased opinion and at that moment, had a moment to spare and thought OK.

Ha-ha I don't know why I thought to post that about review sites, before I start my own reviews. But I guess it is because that is something I get a lot from clients. I have clients that love to research or are part of Disney groups, and they read where someone who was upset, writes a horrible review about some place that the client was excited to try and now the client is having second thoughts. Or they come back and tell me they were looking at reviews and the place they want to stay or eat at has really mix reviews, what if they are one of those that don't like it. And for all honestly, you could be one of those people, but I try to really get to know my clients and their personalities and help them choose things that will work best for their families. And, I am not saying that Disney is perfect. I had some issues on my vacation that cause me to become angry and I am going to honestly tell you about them, but those issues were with people, not the attraction itself per say or the restaurant or food preparation. Also, I want to let you know Epcot was our least favorite park. My son thought it was all educational and boring, and only liked tasting around the world and test track otherwise he said he could skip this park if we ever go again. OK on to the review...

Future World East
Spaceship Earth-this ride is very very long it is inside the iconic golf ball (ok that is what we call it). You go thru history of mankind starting from the dawn of time, then there is a cool interaction questionnaire at the end where you learn what type of future you will have. Its air condition and educational.

Project Tomorrow: Inventing the Wonders of the Future-When you exit Spaceship Earth you are in a room with challenging fun games. We did a shuffle board type game to produce energy for a city, the better we did the bigger our city got. It was fun. My son liked trying the different activities.

Mission SPACE: I'll be honest the last time I really rode this ride was umm in 2002 and it made my head hurt so bad I swore I would never tried to ride it again. And my son and mother took my advice and didn't try it either.

Advance Training Lab-Like project Tomorrow this is outside the exit of Mission Space, we didn't spend much time at this game play area.

Test Track: People often compare this ride to Disneyland Radiator Racers. Except that they are both in cars that are designed the same way...I can't say that the rides are the same. Test Track, you test a car in different conditions and then you speed to 80 miles an hour going straight. You also get to customize your car. Radiator Racers, you go thru the little town of Radiator Springs and then you race another car thru canyons, like Sally and Lighting did. 

Innoventions- I will say we walk thru both Innoventions East and West. My son said most of the fun things to do looked to be fore little kids, so we didn't spend much time here. 

Disney's Phineas and Ferb: Agent P's World Showcase Adventure-I tried talking my son into doing this, but he just wasn't interested. go to to learn more about it.  

In this location was Electric Umbrella (Hamburg joint, we didn't try) and Mouse Gear which is a huge store and where I bought a nice wind breaker. 

Future World West

Epcot Character Spot-We didn't stop here, my son has never been thrilled with waiting in line for characters, even at Disneyland and this place always had a wait. If you love to visit characters, this can't be missed. When we went the characters were Baymax, Joy and Sadness, Mickey, Minnie and Goofy.



 The Seas with Nemo & Friends board relaxing clamoblie to be transported to the Sea Base where you are surround by thousands of beautiful life fish, sharks, sea turtles, dolphins and more. You also can do Turtle Talk with Crush down there. Turtle Talk with Crush is exactly the same at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. One is inside a fish tank and the other is in an animation building.

Soarin Fly around the world. This ride is like Disneyland's expect for at the end. Disneyland's ends at Disneyland and this one ends at Epcot. We like this ride at both parks. Though I miss Soarin over California the original.

Living with the Land a slow education boat ride thru greenhouses where you learn how different farming technics are apply to today's farming. My son thinks this ride is boring, but then again, he thought most of Epcot was boring and too educational. 

The Circle of Life Very large theater room where a video staring Timon and Pumba teach you about conservation for the environment. See comment above my son said at least the other educational thing you were moving on a cool slow boat. 

Journey into Imagination with Figment-I guess I can take it back that my son thought every ride was too educational, and boring. He actually liked this slow-moving ride.

ImageWorks-When you exit the Figment ride you are in an interactive play area, there are lots of these thru out Epcot and I can see young ones really enjoying them. My son liked them a bit. 

Just outside the Fim Festival

Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival- I would say this was my son's third, no fourth favorite thing to do, but he has always liked the shorts before films and seeing them in 3D just made them better for him. 

Club Cool - I don't know what happen to my photo and video but here you can taste sodas from around the world and the Beverly is known to be the drink to try because of how gross it is, and my son drank it like it was nothing. My mom wanted to take home the Japanese soda, but I don't recall what its name was. She said it was so yummy and I agreed. The Beverly to me tasted like the rind of grapefruit. 

Sunshine Season-its a quick service just outside living of the land ride, there are several stations that offer different items. We did a quick service lunch here and found the food to be ok...wont be eating here again.

Chip 'n' Dale Harvest Feast at The Garden Grill- We ate here for breakfast, and saw the characters above. It was family style brought to the table all you care to enjoy. They had fresh warm cinnamon rolls, fresh fruit, bacon, sausage, mickey waffles and country potatoes. My son ate so much here, I felt that we got our money worth.

We skipped the shops in the area and the food places note listed above, the only place I will note that we skipped is: 
Coral Reef Restaurant- It mostly has seafood which my family is not fond of at all, but lots of people like to eat here because of the huge aquarium view the restaurant has. 

World Showcase

illumiNations: Reflections of Earth-We did the dessert party with this night time show, and I have to tell you it had the BEST food of all the desert parties we tried on our trip, which was 4 this trip. The show it self was interesting in that it was unique. You can see the show from anywhere around the world, the dessert party was located directly oposite of the America Gardens Theatra. 


Grand Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros-This is a slow moving ride like its small world where you follow The Three Caballeros around Mexico. Each room shows a different part of Mexico.

There are two sit down Mexican Restaurants, I have tried niether, being a native So Cal girl, I can get lots of authentic Mexican food. I did try some street tacos from a vendor and they were ok, I also got a margarita, and was not impressed, it tasted like a slurp with booze in it.       

Meet Anna and Elsa at Royal Sommerhus-My son was NOT interested in meeting princess, no matter who they are.

Frozen Ever After-My son loved this ride, because of the backward drop, it is very mild but could scare some small children. Its smaller than any drops on Pirates but kind of the samething. All ages are allowed on this ride. Its a boat ride thru the movie Frozen.

Kringle Bakeri Og Kafe-My son and I loved the pastries we got from here. See the item that looks like long tortillas? It’s called Lefsa, it has cinnamon and taste so yummy. Also, the berry cream puffs were to die for. My grandmother was born in Norway, so I find it funny that our favorite snack around the world happens to be from our home country. (well beside the United States

Princess Storybook Dining at Akershur Royal Banquest Hall-Since this is a character meal with nothing but princess and is very popular and hard to get reservations, we skipped it. 

 Reflections of China-this is a 360 film that is 14 minutes long and takes ot to view places and faces around China. Including the great wall. You have to stand with railing in rows in this huge theater with screens all around you projecting different scenes from China, very educational and beautiful to watch. 

There is a sit down restaurant called Nine Dragons Restaurant and quick service place called Lotus Bolssom Cafe that we didn't try. Can't tell you if the food is good or not.

Joy of Tea- There was an adult beverage served here called the Fortune Cookie that was SOOOO good. We were there for International Festival of the Arts, so there was extra food choices because of the Festival and I am not sure if this item was one of them.


There is a sit down place call Biergarten Restaurant and a quick service place called Sommerfest. Since we didn't want bratwurst, we quickly passed this place, but afterwards we read about Karameel-Kuche that makes caramel covered items and since my son loves carmel we wished we would have found that place. 


Italy is just 3 places to eat two sit down and one quick service that only offers Italians Wines and imported cheese. 

Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria- One of my son's favorite meals is PIZZA so of course he wanted to try this place. We were on the dining plan and got pizza and honestly weren't that impressed. Other people seem to love this place but we were not. 

The American Adventure

Places to eat adn a film about America, but we honestly skipped it. It was getting late and we were kind of tired and thought we live in American lets move on to the next place.


Just places to eat, though they had some people planing some drums and it looked really cool. I was so zoning out I didn't take a photo. A friend and client said she loved the shaved ice so my son and I stopped at Kabuki Cafe to samle the rainbow shaved ice. I personally wasn't that impressed, it tasted like shave iced, nothing special. We aren't big on Japanese food and were stuff so can't comment on the places to eat. Teppan Edo and Toko Dining are sit down, Katsura Grill is quick service. I remember my cousin from our 2002 trip liked the sushi from Katsura. 


Again just places to eat, we sampled something form a temporary stand for the International Festival of the Arts. The food was ok, again just places to eat.


Impression de Frances-short video about French countryside.
Crepes des Chefs de France-We had homemade crepes, one with fresh soft serve and the other one with strawberries and we weren't that impressed. The strawberries sauce wasn't fresh. 

Again several places to eat, more than most places. We didn't try and others.

United Kingdom

Rose & Crown Pub, Rose & Crown Dining Room and Yorkshire Country Fish Shop are your choices here. The first two you need to sit, the third...we aren't a fish and chip kind of person so we skipped it. 

O Canada!- Like China there is a circle-vision 360 film all about Canada. 
Le Cellier Steakhouse-this place is one of the most popluar to eat at for Walt Disney World, so popular that it now cost 2 dining credits to eat there. With that in mind our family skipped it. ;) 

Well that is the end of the park map and the list of rides and attractions listed on the Epcot Map. Here is the map I was looking at as I was writing.

 At this time, I will like to offer my services as a travel agent to book your magical vacation. I would like to inform you that when you book with RMH Travel it doesn't cost one cent more than booking direct with Disney, in fact your statement will look the same because you are booking with Disney, but you are allowing RMH Travel to book it on your behalf and in return Disney will give me a small commission that goes toward supporting my family. But if you book direct, Disney just pockets that money, so please when you book your vacations, please consider booking it with me.

I promised to make your vacation even more magical and to take your Disney vacation to a whole new level. As your travel planner, I am here to help you every step of the way with as much or as little help as you wish for.  Whether this is your first time going to a Walt Disney Park or your 100th time, I am here to help make your vacation a magical one.
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