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All Star Music Resort - A look inside

A Look Inside the Resorts at WDW
Value Resorts

All-Star Music RESORT

 All-Star Music was the first resort I ever stayed at while visiting Walt Disney World. I was twenty-one and my cousin and I wanted to go. It was my first alone adult vacation (in 2003). I loved this resort, for many reasons. I didn't know half of what I know now, and still I long to return to this resort. As you read through the facts of this resort, you will notice extra little tidbits. Just know with little to no knowledge of Walt Disney World Theme Parks and Resorts, I choose All-Star Music because I was looking for value and I love music, I knew the All Stars were consider value and out of Sports, Movie and Music, I choose Music because I love music!

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What is the All Star Music Resort Like?The All Star Music Resort is a 1,920 room resort featuring the following musically themed buildings: Calypso, Jazz Inn, Rock INN, Country Fair, and the Broadway Hotel. The buildings have exterior and interior theming to match their names - such as three-story tall drum set at Jazz Inn,  and three-story tall cowboy boots at Country Fair.  The Rooms are 260 square feet in size.
The All-Star Music Resort was the first value resort to offer Family Suites, (the new value resort, built in 2012, Art of Animation was actually build with Family Suites in mind, and we will learn more about this resort later). The 520-square foot  Family Suites are located in the Jazz Inn and Calypso buildings at All Star Music.  

What are the rooms like? Single-Family rooms with two double beds or one king size bed are available. Rooms with a king bed are designed for disable travelers and do not have a tub, only a wheelchair-accessible shower. Rooms are 260 square feet.
The bathroom features a single sink and mirror in a vanity area separate from the tub and toilet. The showers have liquid soap and shampoo dispensers.
 Rooms also feature a clock radio, small tabel with two chairs, a small safe, small refrigerator, a TV and a small dresser. The bathtub has a retractable cord that makes a handy clothes line. Hair dryers may be requested from housekeeping, they are not standard in each room. 
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Each Family Suite will sleep up to 6, plus one child in a Pak-n-Play crib. The master bedroom and family room have a 27" flat screen TV as well as high speed Internet access. There is a queen bed, full-size pullout sofa, convertible ottoman and chair sleeper. The kitchenette will have a microwave and small refrigerator plus a coffeemaker. There are two full bathrooms. 

Walt Disney World Resort made complimentary Wi-Fi service available in all of its hotels as of March 2012. 

 Room views either overlook a parking lot, the central courtyard of your building, or landscaped areas between the buildings. All are consider Standard Views. 
There are two elevators in each building, located next to each other in the center of the building. There is also a staircase next to the elevators, and a room with an ice machine just behind them. There are also outside staircases at each end of the buildings, so if you're far from the elevators, you can use those stairways.

What is the difference between the room views? "Preferred Location" at the All Star Resorts are rooms closest to Melody Hall, the Intermission Food Court, and the bus stops. Currently, only the two Calypso buildings are in the preferred category. All other rooms are the same no matter what view or location you have. Your room may overlook the parking lot, or the courtyard, or the Piano Pool area. All rooms open to the exterior allways, so basically, you look out on to the hallway and everything else in sight.

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 What food choices do I have at the All-Star Music? The All-Star Music Intermission Food Court has a variety of sections to choose from:
  • The Market-Selling grocery items 6 am to midnight
  • The Bakery - Selling baked goods and desserts
  • The Grill
  • The Specialty Shop
  • Pizza and Pasta
The Gift Shop-Maestro Mickey is open until 11:30 pm and offers a variety of Disney merchandise from character merchandise and souvenirs to All-Star Music sports wear. A small variety of grocery items are also available, such as snacks, liquor, sundries, and beverages. Some of the grocery items (such as juice and milk) are cheaper if purchased in the gift shop rather than the food court. This is also the location where your items will be delivered if you chose resort package delivery at any of the theme parks. 
How long are the bus rides to the major parks? All-Star Music shares its bus with the other All-Star Resorts, usually they don't share a bus for the Magic Kingdom, but they do for all other parks unless all three hotels are full. All-Star Music is the first pick up and drop off point when sharing a bus which in my opinion is a big plus!
 Approximate Bus riding time (not including wait times are) 
Downtown Disney-15 minutes
Disney's Hollywood Studios - 15 minutes
Epcot- 18 minutes
Magic Kingdom - 18 minutes
Animal Kingdom - 15 mintues
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 What are the pools like? There are two pools at All-Star Music. The main pool located between the Calypso buildings is the Guitar pool, so named for the shape it is in. The Kiddie Pool is also located here. The Guitar Pool has a maximum water depth is 5 feet and the minimum is 3 feet. There is a squirting fountain on the raised island in the middle of the pool that features the characters from Disney "The Three Caballeros". 
The quieter pool is the Grand Piano Pool located between Rock Inn, Country Fair and Broadway. The Grand Piano Pool is also only 5 feet deep maximum. 
Both pool list their hours as 8:00 am to 12:00 midnight, but this may change depending on season. Security personnel have been know to remove noisy guest from the pools after midnight. Lifeguards are on duty at both pools daily. 
Life vests for youngster may be check out of the Arcade for the length of your stay. Diapered children are required to wear swim diapers or rubber pants. 
All-Star Music Resorts do not provide towels at the pool. You must take the towel from your room. Housekeeping will bring additional towels, in you call and request. 
In closing remarks, this is still my favorite Value Resort. I will admit I haven't tried or toured the new Art Of Animation Resort yet. But if you are on a budget and a family of 4 with small children, I highly recommend the All-Star Music.

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