Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Doing Disney Parks in the Summer!

            Summer is among us and many families are gearing up for their family vacations. Disney parks are a popular vacation destination during the summer months in America. Along with the vacationing during the summer months comes the heat and the humidity. With temperatures reaching triple digits staying cool, hydrated, and being protected from the sun is imperative.  Being out in the sun requires you to bring plenty of sunscreen, pack sunglasses, bathing suits, nice fitting shoes, shorts, tank tops, and sun hats to protect you from the brutal sun.
            When dealing with heat staying hydrated is the key to staying cool and safe during summer months. Bring along your own water bottles in a small cooler, get a Britta refillable water bottle or ask for a cup of ice water at any counter service station.  
Another key to staying cool at Disney is to hit the water parks and/or the water rides. Walt Disney World in Florida has 2 water parks. Disney’s Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon feature many water attractions sure to cool you off even on the hottest of days. Visiting Disneyland instead? Then be sure to hit up Splash Mountain or Grizzly River Run where you’re sure to get drenched!! Don’t want to get too wet, then be sure to bring along a poncho. If you’re staying at a Disney resort take a break from the parks and hit up your resorts swimming pool.
There are many ways to stay cool at Disney, stop for an ice cream break, drink pretty of water, take advantage of indoor rides and show, and make sure to hit up the pools, water parks and water rides. Most of all protect your skin from the harmful sun and wear plenty of sunscreen.

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