Saturday, September 19, 2015

Walt Disney World In Park Fastpass Tips

1) If you wish to maximize your number of rides, use your first pass, and then try bumping your times up on the others (example: You have a 9am FP for Soarin and a 10am FP for Spaceship Earth. If you use your Soarin FP at 9:10, you can get on the app (even while waiting to board your hang glider!) and change your SE FP to 9:15). All based on availability, of course.

2) If you arrive at your FP ride, and the standby time is short, you can ride standby and change the FP to something else, or just ride twice.

3) At kiosks, take the soonest attraction you are happy with, and then immediately look for something better on the app. The kiosks don't show everything. Ex we always took the first one available usually Winnie the Pooh Ride but then would get on the app and switch it to something better like Pirates.

4) Make a note or take a picture/screenshot of your plans for the day and set it as your phone's home screen. This will cut down on excess battery use.

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