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When should I book my Vacation? ~The Answer

When to book your vacation? Try­ing to fig­ure out the ide­al time to book your vacation and get the best deal is like try­ing to pre­dict a sports score: All you can do is look at the stats and make an educat­ed guess, and that is where a great Travel Agent comes in handy. It is our job to look at the constant changing stats and we are trained, learn from experience, etc when to book a vacation and get the best deals.

More often than not...book EARLY. Most vacations offer early bird specials and with cruise and certain hotels you get to pick the best cabin or room, as you are one of the first to book. Also, when booking with a Travel Agent, and booking early more often than not, if there is a better price before your final payment, we can get the better price.

Sometimes a Travel Agent will tell you to hold off on booking because they are aware of a sale for your particular destination. For example:

For Cruises a big sale blitz happens in late Oc­to­ber and again in Jan­uary and Febru­ary (dur­ing what the cruise in­dus­try calls Wave Sea­son, when many pas­sen­gers tend to plan and book peak-pe­ri­od cruis­es). Spe­cial deals sud­den­ly ap­pear, in­clud­ing for sum­mer itineraries pop­ular with fam­ilies in the Caribbean, as the lines look to get more busi­ness on the books. Best time to go for the best price, depends on your destination: Caribbean would be hurricane season (June to November) but the draw back to that is you may not make ports and there are no refunds if they don't. Alaskan the best rates are the first and last cruises. For the other choices, cruises are usually all in season so the best prices are booking early.  Cruises sometimes offer last minute deals, but with these come draw backs, first the best cabins are gone, second you have to pay in full, and third if you have to fly to make the cruise the price of a last minute flight cost more, usually not saving you much.
For all inclusive vacation in the Caribbean or Mexico, book about 11 months in advance. You won't find deals during the most popular time winter break, but you also won't find any rooms if you don't book early. As for the best time to go? For the best deals, book your vacation or the hurricane season (June to November),  which can bring discounted rates up to 60 percent off their high-season counterparts. But, with hurricane season comes risk, be flexible, and buy insurance. Spring and fall offer some discounts (minus spring break, which is an expensive time to go again). Last minute deals can be found for all inclusive but the cost of flights book so close to your vacation often counter any last minute deals.

For Walt Disney World there is a double edge sword, you want to book your vacation at least 185 days in advance, so that at 180 days you can book your dining choices, but if you don't care where you will eat (you don't have a daughter that MUST EAT at Cinderella's Royal Table, or you aren't dying to trying Be Our Guest) then I suggest waiting until a deal comes out before booking your vacation, most deals come out about 90 days in advance. Some deals aren't really deals, for the summer they offer up to 30% off some resorts but that price is still higher than the same room non- discounted in September (but they are still cheaper than booking last minute where you won't get even 30% off). There best deals are usually for the month of September, parts of October, November, and December, with occasionally good deals in parts of January, February and March.

Booking your vacation can be stressful for some, there is lots of research that goes into finding the prefect deal when you can travel. Let RMH Travel take the stress out of booking your vacation, contact us and we can set you up with the perfect destination, resort or cruise ship. More often than not you will also find extra amenities added to your vacation that you won't find anywhere else. Let our expert staff help you.

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